Forward Focus: Making Your Campaign Sing Additional Information Speaking Engagement 02.11.2015 8:30am — 02.11.2015 10:30am

Ogilvy Public Relations
1111 19th Street NW, #10
Washington, DC 20036

The speed at which we communicate with potential consumers continues to grow faster each year. Quicker sales can be music to everyone’s ears but that speed sometimes leads to the ugly noise of expensive legal mistakes. Amy Marino, attorney, will provide tips on how to avoid legal pitfalls before presenting an idea that can’t be executed in both traditional advertising and in the changing landscape of the digital world. Included will be advice on what the future looks like for:

  • Making sure brand and product names, taglines and creative concepts are available and not already protected by others
  • Saying great things about your client or your company and products without being accused of false or misleading claims
  • Having the proper licensing and usage rights for talent, music, artwork, video, and other content especially in today’s user-generated worldinte
  • Selecting domains, hashtags and other social media tools that are available and integrate with your big idea
  • Preventing your client or company’s original ideas and creative content from being ripped off by others.