2010- What's new? What's happening? What is next? Speaking Engagement 01.19.2010 11:00pm

The Renewable Energy industry survived 2009 intact with much promise and a clouded future. The economic stimulus package provided enormous support for the Renewable Energy community, but project development, investment and finance is still lagging. Congress did not pass a comprehensive Energy and Environmental legislative package, but continues to work toward wide-ranging national legislation in 2010 with significant implications for the industry. The stock market has rebounded, jobs growth is sluggish (although job terminations have been arrested) -- but the economy is still struggling. Main Street has met Wall Street but new business, technology and innovation and small business has not yet flourished.

Now, its 2010 -- a bright new year with a brand new budget! What is the outlook for financing, development, infrastructure and the law for 2010? Were the concerted and commendable federal and state stimulus efforts enough to overcome the economic challenges that lie ahead? Will financing for renewable energy projects be more readily available in 2010? Will jobs recovery legislation help the renewables industry? What are its implications for the industry based upon the Congress failure to pass comprehensive legislation in 2009? Will any such legislation be passed in 2010? Will new tax legislation extend existing incentives, or will major tax restructuring occur driven by the thirst for revenue and balancing the US budget? Will post Copenhagen maintain the push for climate change legislation or foster a new post Kyoto model?

The program addressed: