As Vice President of Operations, Lauren is responsible for Trident Shield's curriculum development, professional services, and company management.  Along with strategic planning, Lauren manages all day-to-day operations and customer relations, and facilitates coordination of staff and vendor partners.  In her curriculum development role, Lauren leverages her personal experience and background in training to make the topic of safety approachable and relatable to anyone.  Lauren's mission is to create positive change in as many lives as she can.     

Crime against women is an unfortunate reality that we must be prepared to face on a daily basis.  Many of these crimes occur in areas where a woman feels familiar and comfortable, such as the parking garage at her office or a favorite running path.  Fortunately, there are some easy adjustments that can be made to drastically increase a woman's safety throughout her daily life, without changing or sacrificing who she is.  This talk will teach women about situational awareness, factors that inhibit situational awareness, parking lot safety, and defensive measures.