Are You Leaving Money on the Table? How to Maximize Recovery on Lease Audit Claims Speaking Engagement 09.13.2011 12:00am

2011 NRTA Conference
Expanding Knowledge 2011…Peer-to-Peer Education Forum

Retailers and outside auditors focus on the correct calculation of CAM, taxes, insurance, and other pass-through expenses and the determination of overcharges, but simply recovering overpayments will not make the retailer “whole.” This course, intended for attorneys and experienced lease administration and audit personnel, will focus on claims retailers should include to obtain full compensation, including interest, audit fees, attorneys' fees and other amounts permitted under the lease. In addition, the program will analyze claims for enhanced damages that may be available in certain cases, including fraud claims, fiduciary duty claims, accounting actions, state unfair and deceptive trade practices laws, civil RICO claims, and strategies for shifting the burden of proof to the landlord.

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National Retail Tenants Association

William F. Devine
Williams Mullen