ATR/QM Rule - National Business Institute 02.24.2016 2:00pm

On Feb. 24, 2016, McGuire Boyd and Camden Webb presented a CLE course for the National Business Institute on "The New Foreclosure Rebuttable Presumptions Under TILA." The agenda included:

  1. Determining Which Mortgages Rebuttable Presumptions Applies to
    1. The Ability to Repay Rule (ATR) and the Eight Part Test
    2. The Five Elements of a Qualified Mortgage (QM)
    3. Qualified Mortgages (QMs) Key QM Safe Harbors to Understand
    4. Higher-Priced Qualified Mortgages (HPQMs)
  2. Conclusive Presumptions for QMs
  3. The Rebuttable Presumption for HPQMs: Putting it Into Practice
    1. Key Elements of the Rebuttable Presumption
    2. Proving or Disproving Lender Failure to Meet ATR Rule
    3. Key Challenges for Borrowers
  4. The Rebuttable Presumption for Non-QM Loans
    1. How Lenders Can Rebut the Presumption
    2. Spotting Key Features That Prove Borrowers Can't Repay
  5. Essential Legal Updates