Between a Rock and a Hard Place - When Duties of Disclosure Conflict with the Preservation of Privilege In a Corporate Investigation Webinar 01.27.2010 11:00pm Topic
Corporations and in-house counsel must set reserves, prepare evaluations, conduct internal investigations and report findings to their audit committees. Outside auditors often demand and get “privileged” information relating to these activities, and, furthermore, government regulators may also request such information, or the company may determine it is in its best interest to provide such information to the government. Join Williams Mullen for a look at the tension between the sometimes conflicting objectives, duties, and roles that in-house counsel balance during the course of a corporate investigation. Our program will focus on key decisions in the course of an investigation when waiver of privilege is implicated, the legal background and ramifications of such decisions, and practical guidance on navigating through these issues to minimize the risks of disclosure and waiver.

Moderated by
Williams Mullen attorney Patrick Hanes;  Preston Wigner, VP, General Counsel, Secretary and Chief Compliance Officer – Universal Corporation

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