Big Brother Is Watching! Speaking Engagement 09.16.2009 12:00am Topic
RACs, ZPICs, MICs, MFCU, OIG, and the DOJ: Understanding the New Alphabet Soup of Integrity Audits and Reviews
Medicaid and Medicare are stepping up their reviews of all providers to ferret out fraud and abuse related to simple overpayments affecting every type of provider and supplier. Nursing facilities are in their cross hairs and will not escape scrutiny. There is an ever increasing alphabet soup of auditors and investigators looking at your records and performance. Providers can expect audits and various document demands from audit contractors, some previously unknown, and some newly invigorated with more resources and funds to scrutinize providers. Presenters will help long term care professionals understand the players and consider what steps should be considered to avoid problems and what to do if an audit notice, subpoena or search warrant comes to the facility.

Presented to
The Virginia Health Care Association Annual Convention