Construction Lien Law in Virginia Seminar 02.28.2014 8:00am

Don’t be caught off guard - get the training you need to successfully exercise your lien rights. For more information, please visit http://www.lorman.com/bookstore/392877TMX?discount_code=T3084585&p=13389.

Handling construction payment disputes in Virginia can be successful when armed with the necessary legal and practical knowledge. Find out how to efficiently collect payment for your work or supplies. Successfully manage even the most complex and costly situations.

Join our panel of experienced local professionals, as they guide you through the strategies for tackling lien and bond issues in any project. Understand the complex law governing the priority of liens and payments, and protect your bottom-line with enforcement and collection strategies. Don’t wait – register today.

Christopher G. Hill, The Law Office of Christopher G. Hill, PC

W. Alexander Burnett, Williams Mullen
William R. Mauck Jr., Spotts Fain
John D. Purdy, Fullerton & Knowles

Benefits for You

  • Correctly identify what property is subject to a lien and who is entitled to recover payment
  • Quickly spot troubling contract provisions
  • Understand the complex law governing priority of mechanics liens on property
  • Properly fulfill requirements for releasing and discharging a lien

Continuing Education Credit

  • AIA 6.50
  • CC 1.0
  • VA CLE 6.50
  • VA ENG 8.0
  • CPE 8.0