Corporate eDiscovery Breakfast Speaking Engagement 04.24.2014 8:30am — 04.24.2014 10:00am

Location: Washington DC

Corporate discussion leaders include: Sprint Nextel, Norfolk Southern, Capitol One Financial, UBS, DuPont and Fannie Mae

Central themes included:

  • What are the new and evolving best practices for corporate eDiscovery?  
  • How do you stack and  manage the corporate eDiscovery team of the future. (Internally and Externally)?
  • Who holds Responsibility, Authority, Budget, and Resources?

40% of The Fortune 500 are re-evaluating their eDiscovery business model and determining the appropriate balance of in-sourcing versus outsourcing eDiscovery. In an effort to bring clarity to this rapidly changing landscape our spring Leadership Breakfast series will focus on evolving critical trends for Corporate eDiscovery and Best Practices in 2014.