First Advanced Business Litigation Institute Seminar 04.10.2008 12:00am Presented by the Civil Litigation Section of the Virginia Bar Association and Virginia CLE

About the Course:

Designed to provide business litigators with sophisticated perspectives on topics of major, immediate interest, the Institute will feature discussions on damages, ethics, discovery, expert witnesses, e-discovery, mediation, and the presentation of cases to juries as they relate to business litigation. The Institute also will provide a review of the significant business litigation decisions of 2007 and early 2008 as well as forecast the future of business litigation in Virginia.

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William W. Belt, Jr.
Presenting on:
Discovery Issues in Business Litigation

This discussion will address common discovery challenges, disputes and goals in business litigation cases. It will also explore written discovery and deposition strategies and how to maximize effectiveness of discovery in business ligitation.

Stephen E. Baril
Presenting on:
Effective Use of Expert Witnesses in Business Cases

R. Brian Ball
Presenting on:
Interactive Discussion to Forecast Business Litigation in 2008 and Beyond

This discussion will address emerging areas of risk for business clients; transaction trends and tomorrow's problems; economic cycles, reductions in workforce, insolvencies, and LLC disputes; effect on directors and officers, appraisers and auditors; international deals and non-reliance on traditional contract protection; and service of process, choice of law and forum selection concerns.