Follow the Money: Opportunity for Participation in Stimulus Act Public and Private Sector Projects Speaking Engagement 01.18.2010 11:00pm Presented to
Fairfax County Economic Development Authority

This event is especially for foreign-owned companies interested in participating in stimulus-related contracts.

The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (stimulus package) authorized $787 billion in funding, tax credits and loan guarantees for public and private projects in many sectors where international companies are market and technology leaders. The industries include, among others, renewable energy, environmental infrastructure, broadband, green tech and buildings, rail transportation, IT for electronic medical records and drug research. Very little of this money, however, has been spent, and over $300 billion has not even been allocated.

Although the Stimulus Act contains Buy American provisions, what is not well known is that the Act’s procurement process is open in large part to international companies whose countries are signatories to the World Trade Organization-Government Procurement Agreement (WTO-GPA). As a result, your company may be able either bid directly on qualifying projects or act as a supplier through joint ventures or teaming arrangements with U.S. firms. In short, there is a “level playing field” for international companies if you know the rules of the game.