Homeland Security Finance Forum 2013 More info here Speaking Engagement 03.05.2013 8:30am

With “sequester” to result in cuts across the federal procurement market, federal contractors and other business will face challenges in maintaining growth and market share.  Are Homeland Security – Intel –Cyber Security budget cut oases? Do the private and state / local sectors offer alternative markets?  Where might you develop opportunities in these areas?  Wiliams Mullen Gov. Con. Co-Chair Tony Anikeeff will lead a distinguished panel – RADM (Ret) Jay Cohen, Bradley Schreiber, Mike Carter, and an invited senior DHS official – in addressing latest Congressional and administration actions about  government high priority areas,  how private companies can access DHS market, whether SAFETY Act designation / certification makes sense for you, and where private sector might focus attention outside the Federal Government.


Tony Anikeeff is moderated a panel entitled: “Working with the US Government: where should private sector resources and efforts be focused?”  Panelists include:

  • Bob Namejko, Industry Liaison - Department. of Homeland Security
  • Bradley Schreiber Vice President of Washington Operations, Applied Science Foundation for Homeland Security
  • Hon. Jay M. Cohen, Rear Admiral (ret.)United States Navy; Principal, Chertoff Group
  • Michael R. Carter Principal, CarterMcClean LLC


Panelists discussed how US Government policy is shaping the security sector, what the Government’s priority areas are and how they will allocate budgets to address these, and how the private sector and the government can work together successfully. They also covered how government contractors can expand their businesses outside of the federal government.