The Intersection of FMLA, ADA & Workers’ Compensation Register Here Webinar 04.25.2018 8:30am

On April 25, 2018, Mike Lord and Edward Schenk presented a CAI Webinar for "HR professionals and others to better understand the interplay between various federal and state laws governing medical leaves of absence and return-to-work issues." Topics that were covered include:

  • Overview of the applicable laws and employer coverage; 
  • Issue spotting and evaluating the layered obligations employers may have with respect to FMLA, the ADA and workers’ compensation laws; 
  • Hot topics regarding employer “maximum leave” policies, selective light-duty programs, and extended job-protected leave as a reasonable accommodation under the ADA; 
  • Practical counseling advice for human resource and risk management professionals.

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Ask the Expert: The Intersection of FMLA, ADA & Workers’ Compensation