Invest Southern Virginia - Profit in America Seminar Register Here 09.24.2020 3:00pm
If your manufacturing or tech business is considering expanding to the US, Invest Southern Virginia invites you to a free fact-finding online seminar. You’ll learn how to win new clients, set up a US business and open a new factory. You’ll also hear how we can support you both financially and with expert advice, and how other world leading companies have successfully made this move.
Speakers include:
  • Alan Pearce - President and CEO Fastech, LLC.
  • Evan Feinman - Governor of Virginia's Chief Broadband Advisor & Executive Director of the Virginia Tobacco Commission Commerce and Trade
  • Hon. Pat Gottschalk - Partner, Williams Mullen & former Virginia Secretary of Commerce and Trade
  • Professor Troy Simpson - Gene Haas Center of Integrated Machining & Insititute for Advanced Learning and Research 
  • Andrew Skinner - CEO Advanced Revert. LLC.
To register for this free seminar RSVP to: profitinamerica@usa.com