NLRB & US-DOL Issue Controversial Notices of Rulemaking Webinar 07.14.2011 12:00am


Please join Williams Mullen for a live Webinar on July 14, to learn from its panel of labor law and political attorneys about the latest developments in Labor’s legal agenda. Although the union movement failed to obtain any traction for its signature legislative priority the Employee Free Choice Act (the "Card Check" bill), Labor has simply launched new strategies through the aid of the Obama Administration. Given the political nature of Federal Agency appointments, the Obama Labor Board and Department of Labor are now revealed as ever closer allies of the labor movement. The NLRB and DOL have issued, on consecutive calendar days, notices of proposed rulemaking to use their administrative processes to undermine employers' abilities to obtain and use legal advice during union organizing drives and to otherwise effectively halve the amount of time an employer might use to educate its workforce about the company's position on why unionization may not be in employees' best interests. This webinar will assist you in understanding what the new rules, if implemented, may mean for employers and what the business community may need to do to accommodate the new playing field for union elections.

Date & Time
July 14, 2011 
12:00 - 1:30 pm EDT

David C. Burton, Douglas M. Nabhan, William P. Barrett & Michael J. Ferrell  

Continuing Education Credit
approval is currently pending.
CLE credit in North Carolina and Virginia is currently pending.