November 2nd Elections - Impact on Renewable Energy Policy Webinar 11.16.2010 11:00pm

The electorate has spoken! Based on the landscape changing November 2nd elections, a new Congress will be convened and a fresh slate of Governors will take office in January. Our next ABA-ACORE Renewable Energy Webinar will address the results of the November elections and discuss how they are expected to impact the US Renewable energy markets. The program will explore key issues on renewable energy legislation, supply, economic development, environment and climate issues.

The webinar’s speakers have a wealth of experience in the marketplace and will assess the state of renewable energy policy and the range of policy options on the horizon. These will include the prospects for renewable energy legislation, as the prospects for additional environmental changes begin to take effect. How will solar, wind, hydro, geothermal and biomass projects fare continue? The program will present an objective assessment of current legal, policy, economic and financial issues in based on the changing political landscape, a thoughtful consideration of the strategies available to well informed investors in the renewable industries, and insightful observations on policy.