Opportunities and Pitfalls of Doing Business and Communicating Effectively with the Federal Government in Leaner Times Webinar 05.07.2014 1:00pm — 05.07.2014 2:00pm

EST – Eastern Standard Time

Many companies entering the government market miss opportunities, leave money on the table, and find themselves in unnecessary trouble because they did not conduct the proper due diligence about their federal customer. Companies that learn the rules of contracting, understand the playing field and players, plan accordingly, and inoculate themselves against the challenges they may encounter set themselves up for success in the unique government market. 

Members of our government contracts industry service group team are federal agency veterans who have advised companies like yours for many years. They will guide you through the key things you need to know to better your chances of success and reduce your chances of encountering trouble. They will cover:

  • the context, players and playing field;
  • chasing the business;
  • the bidding process;
  • the contract performance process;
  • some of the key contract provisions;
  • the protest and claims process;
  • compliance; and
  • effective communications with the government customer.

They will be available to address your specific questions.