Outlook for Renewables: The Competitive Landscape Webinar 09.15.2010 12:00am

The ABA-ACORE Webinar Series opens up the 2010-2011 season with a broad assessment of where renewable energy is going in the light of the emerging policy drivers and market forces. The Webinar's speakers have a wealth of experience in seeing these issues play out in the marketplace.

This webinar will assess how renewable energy's future will be buffeted by the major game changing developments. These notably include the prospects for gas prices as new resources appear to be on the horizon; of coal, as the prospects for additional environmental changes begin to take effect; and for nuclear power development in the face of massive federal subsidies, public opposition, and cost escalation. It is in this environment that solar, wind, hydro, geothermal and biomass are emerging as main stream components of the new energy landscape, and energy efficiency, storage, demand response and transmission enhancement, must find their respective places.

The program presents an objective assessment of current legal, technic al, economic and financial issues in that competitive landscape, a thoughtful consideration of the strategies available to smart investors in the renewable green industries, and insightful observations on policy.

The program will give counsel foresight as to legislative and regulatory developments, and other renewable energy participants a clearer vision of the alternative roads ahead.