Renewable Energy in the New Politics of Common Ground Webinar 01.18.2011 11:00pm

As a nonpartisan organization, ACORE has always seen support for renewable energy on both sides of the aisle. ACORE is therefore pleased to present a timely webinar on the new politics of renewable energy – surprisingly enough, it is all about Republicans and Democrats AGREEING on policy that moves renewable energy forward because of the benefits to the nation including but not limited to the following:

National security through renewable fuels and energy

Lower-carbon energy through renewable energy projects

Economic growth (beat China) through technology innovation

New companies and jobs through private sector investment

Technology commercialization through public-private risk sharing

Lower electricity rates by adopting renewable energy

And the list goes on about things that the Rs and Ds can agree upon if given the voting freedom to do so.

This webinar will build on ACORE’s highly successful Phase II National Policy Conference in the Cannon Caucus Room last December 9, point the way towards the Common Ground we see for new legislation and regulation. We see leaders on both sides of the aisle for renewables. We see effective leadership coming from FERC, DOE, Interior, Commerce, EPA and other agencies. We see the potential for new leadership coming from many states such as California, Colorado, Texas, Illinois, Ohio, Michigan, New York, and many others.