Richmond Real Estate Group (RREG) Seminar Speaking Engagement 03.15.2017 9:00am

Richmond Real Estate Group (RREG)

Attendees include municipal economic development directors, developers, bankers, architects, engineers, corporate facility leaders and other business leaders in the development business in Richmond. 

Speakers are Tom Frantz (Partner at Williams Mullen and representative of the Hampton Roads Business Roundtable) and Tayloe Negus (Piedmont Market Leader at Aon Hewitt and Executive Director of the Richmond Management Roundtable) will present together on “Virginia’s Global Gateway.”

With the almost $900 million in infrastructure investment in the deep water Ports in Hampton Roads, the long term lease and investment in the Port of Richmond and the Commonwealth’s over $3 billion in investment in roads, bridges  and tunnels to better connect Hampton Roads to the 85/95/64 intersection near Richmond, the combined regions are  becoming a Global gateway and rather than the  cul de sac that has been the impression of southeast Virginia.  Together, the regions would be the 17th biggest MSA in the country and gain more attention from companies from around the world seeking to locate in America. Together, the two regions have more opportunities to  develop mega-sites and, with their universities and leading businesses,  industry clusters.  In fact, a study done by Dartmouth and University of Sheffield professors found that from commuting patterns that the two regions are already a mega-region and that the map of America is being redefined. For example,

“Socially and economically, America is reorganizing itself around regional infrastructure lines and metropolitan clusters that ignore state and even national borders.… The 21st century will not be a competition over territory, but over connectivity…global trade volumes, investment flows and supply chains.” Padrag Khanna, A New Map for America, N.Y. Times, April 15, 2016