Solar PV and Utility Projects – The Regulatory Road a Year Later Webinar 03.16.2011 12:00am

Our panel will discuss the recent progress made in solar regulation in support of installed capacity in the United States and beyond. The past year has seen challenges and opportunities for solar as the fastest growing renewables technology for PV (948 MW) and also utility solar projects (6000 MW pending) in the US. The panel will discuss policies, regulations, feed in tariffs, REC pricing, transmission, the Treasury 1603 grant and manufacturing tax credit supports for commercial and utility scale projects. Federal land developments needed for solar generation to become a leading part of the nation’s new renewables generation portfolio will also be reviewed by our distinguished speakers, including a former Assistant Solicitor from the U.S. Department of Interior, advising the Bureau of Land Management and the Minerals Management Service regarding their energy programs. Finally, support by the military and civilian sectors of the federal government offer huge government procurement potential.

The journey has begun in earnest in over a dozen critical states and forecasts will include for the year regulatory support in key federal and state fora for solar market potential and development. Parity is now forecast for solar by 2012-17 depending on the market.

The Program will also assess the future without government subsidies, other market support alternatives and solar regulatory success without national climate change legislation internalizing the cost of carbon for fossil fuel alternatives. Nevertheless, grid parity for solar in the U.S. could arrive joining wind, biomass, hydro and geothermal in the future supply mix for national energy planning.