Storage: Emergence of a Key to Renewable Power Success Webinar 05.18.2011 12:00am

Presented by the American Council on Renewable Energy in collaboration with the Renewable Energy Resources Committee of the American Bar Association SEER Section & Renewable Energy Committee of the Energy Bar Association.

The inability to store electricity has long been the bane of advances both in traditional utility planning and in the assimilation of renewables into the national power supply mix. That is now changing rapidly, thanks to the increasing improvement in several technologies and the flexible uses to which those technologies may be applied.

Regulators are just beginning to catch up with these incipient possibilities: FERC has now begun to address wholesale market possibilities; several states have begun to provide legislative support; and some Regional Transmission Operators have begun to initiate tariff revisions to enlarge storage possibilities. The emerging result is a migration of first mover utilities, offshoots of independent power companies, and technology innovators into various types of project and corporate ownership in the field. This program will address the possibilities that are already being illustrated, their relationship to the possibilities of system integrating of renewables into the grid, and the steps regulators have taken or could take to best facilitate the commercial deployment of storage in the best interests of consumers and the environment.

Our program will consider case studies of different corporate sponsorship and technology, analyze untested contractual implementation issues, and examine the interface between regulation and finance. The expert panelists are deeply involved in storage development and integration challenges in a manner complementary to the development of renewables.