Treasures of the '20s: Appraising and Protecting Your Collection More Information Social 06.12.2014 6:00pm — 06.12.2014 9:00pm Location:
Williams Mullen Law Firm
8300 Greensboro Drive, Suite 1100
McLean, VA 22102

Hosted by:
BB&T Wealth, Williams Mullen, Quinn & Farmer Auctions, and Chubb
  • A private review of a special collection of works by legendary painter Howard Chandler Christy
  • An opportunity to have your artwork and collectibles from any era appraised by Mathew Quinn from Antiques Roadshow
  • Estate guidance for art collectors and their heirs
  • Answers to questions on insuring specialty collections
If you would like to attend, please contat Kathy Bazow at 703.259.2461 or KBazow@BBandT.com.