Update to DCAA "Hot Buttons" Register here Speaking Engagement 02.21.2013 11:00am


Location: Newport News Marriott at City Center


Throughout the life of a contract, from proposal preparation to contract closeout, contractors should be prepared to interact with DCAA.  DCAA assists agency evaluation of proposals, requests for equitable adjustments, and contract claims (including termination claims).  Additionally, new statutes and regulations are enacted that affect the way DCAA conducts its business. Given these realities, almost every contractor that has undergone a DCAA audit recently can attest to the fact that DCAA is aggressively pursuing questioned costs and expanding its audit scope to new areas.


Whether you are a small business new to government contracting, or a large contractor preparing for one of your many annual reviews, it helps to understand what issues DCAA is focusing on, and why. Our presenters work with a number of clients to resolve DCAA findings and have extensive hands-on experience in this subject. This session will cover the following topics and more:

  • DCAA assistance to agency evaluation of proposals and award decisions
  • DCAA review of requests for equitable adjustment and contract claims
  • DCAA review of termination claims
  • DCAA guidance on the DFARS Business Systems and Accounting Systems clauses
  • Subcontracting for commercial items
  • How to prepare an adequate incurred cost submission and/or forward pricing rate proposal
  • DCAA guidance on the use of multi-year audit techniques when auditing incurred cost submissions
  • DCAA guidance on sufficient testing of contractor records in audits  
  • DCAA’s right of access to contractor internal audit reports
  • DCAA guidance on what is an adequate forward pricing rate proposal
  • The frustrating new reality when dealing with DCAA


  • Robert E. Korroch – Partner | Williams Mullen
  • John T.H. Carpenter – Principal | Cherry Bekaert LLP
  • John N. Ford – Senior Consultant | Cherry Bekaert LLP