Affordable Care Act Reporting Requirements Webinar 08.19.2015 10:00am

In Partnership with Digital Benefits Advisors

Although not due until early 2016, the reporting requirements under the ACA require an applicable large employer (generally with 50+ employees) to begin tracking data this year to complete the reports.  With the Supreme Court’s recent decision regarding subsidies, this reporting requirement becomes inevitable. 

Join us for this webinar on Wednesday, August 19th at 10:00 AM EST, where Digital Benefit Advisors and William Mullen will go beyond the basics and addresses specific concerns for employers that are now trying to insure they correctly collect and report the information.

Who Should Attend

Employers with 50+ Full-Time Equivalent employees who are subject to the fully-insured or self-insured reporting requirements under the ACA.

Key areas will include

  • Who will complete the reporting on your company’s behalf?
  • If there are multiple ownership issues, which entity should file the forms?
  • If multiple plans are offered – which rates/benefits need to be disclosed on the forms?
  • Are there any penalties if our company doesn’t complete the filing?
  • What information should your medical vendor provide to your company and/or the IRS?
  • How do you assess if your vendor is collecting the appropriate data and how much of the process they will complete (collecting the data and providing it in an electronic format, filing the forms, distributing 1095 forms directly to employees)?
  • Is there a drop dead date by which you must select a vendor to meet the 2016 filing deadlines?
  • Which codes on the various forms apply to your business?
  • How should you handle employees in special groups such as COBRA and Retirees?
  • Is your company required to file the forms electronically?


This webinar will be presented by Paige Smith and David Blanchard of Digital Benefits Advisors, and Brydon DeWitt, a partner with Williams Mullen.