Webinar: Duke Energy's North Carolina CPRE Program - Latest Developments Webinar 03.20.2018 11:00am — 03.20.2018 11:30am

Are you planning to submit a renewable energy project under Duke Energy’s competitive procurement under Part II of H.B. 589?

Duke Energy’s solicitation for 680 MW of renewable energy and capacity is expected to be released in May. Learn more about the North Carolina Utilities Commission’s February 21, 2018 order (“Order”), including NCUC-required modifications, and expected next steps in the rollout of the first solicitation under Duke Energy’s competitive procurement of renewable energy program (“CPRE Program”).

Join us Tuesday, March 20, at 11:00 am (EST) for a timely discussion of the Order approving and modifying Duke Energy’s CPRE Program, and implementation of Part II of H.B. 589.

Please join Williams Mullen Renewable Energy Team members Brad Nowak, Bob Riley and Jennifer Morgan for an engaging conversation of the latest developments in the implementation of Part II of H.B. 589.

Stephanie Simpson | ssimpson@williamsmullen.com

This webinar is for information purposes only and does not constitute legal advice nor automatically form an attorney-client relationship with participants.