Webinar: H.B. 589 in North Carolina (Part II) – Current Developments Register Here Webinar 02.15.2018 11:00am — 02.15.2018 11:30am


Are you ready for Duke Energy’s competitive procurement for renewable energy in North Carolina?

H.B. 589 has dramatically changed how utility-scale renewable energy generators will sell power to Duke Energy. H.B. 589 established a new framework and competitive process for Duke Energy to procure 2,660 MWs of renewable energy over a period of 45 months. The first Competitive Procurement of Renewable Energy (“CPRE”) Program is expected to be released in mid 2018.

Join us Thursday, February 15, at 11:00 am (EST) for a timely discussion of current developments of H.B. 589 implementation and preview of Duke Energy’s proposed CPRE Program Guidelines.

Discussion topics will include:
• How to prepare for the solicitation
• Key terms of the proposed Pro Forma Power Purchase Agreement
• Expected release date of the first RFP
• Proposed allocation of 2,660 MWs over program period
• Independent Administrator and its role

Please join Williams Mullen Solar Team members John Burns, Jennifer MorganBrad Nowak and Bob Riley for an engaging conversation of the current developments in the implementation of H.B. 589.

This webinar is for information purposes only and does not constitute legal advice nor automatically form an attorney-client relationship with participants.