Webinar: Navigating "Operation Choke Point" Register Here Webinar 04.29.2015 11:30am — 04.29.2015 1:00pm

“Operation Choke Point” began as a coordinated Federal multi-agency effort to regulate the banking industry based upon "reputational risk," which is the purported risk a bank faces when dealing with certain types of customers. The program evolved into a means by which regulators restricted banks' dealings with targeted industries.

Williams Mullen attorneys, Camden R. Webb, Wayne “Whit” A. Whitham, Jr., and Charles "Chuck" E. James, Jr. will highlight current issues involving Operation Choke Point and discuss how financial institutions and businesses in the targeted industries may identify legal issues and navigate this regulatory environment.

Specifically, this webinar will address the following:

  • The history of Operation Choke Point, its current status, and potential future developments.

  • How to identify true risk to a bank, how to identify the activity that could lead to regulatory action, and how to distinguish between regulatory fear and actual risk.

  • How members of the targeted industries can contend with the regulatory environment and find banking, payment processing, and related financial services.

  • How banks and other financial services providers can contend with the regulatory environment and safely provide services to the industries in question.

  • How the targeted industries and the banking/financial services industries can work together to ensure that financial services are available and provided in a safe and secure manner.

The panel will also field attendees’ questions submitted during the webinar.

Please register by April 24th. Webinar log-in instructions will be made available on April 27th.

This webinar is for information purposes only and does not constitute legal advice nor automatically form an attorney-client relationship with participants