Webinar: Practical Time Management Skills Every Practitioner Needs Register Here Speaking Engagement 09.25.2014 12:30pm

Practical Time Management Skills Every Practitioner Needs

September 25, 2014
12:30 pm EDT

Free for AIPLA members

What are Career & Practice Management Webinars?

The global economy is in a state of unprecedented fluctuation.  These changes can impact how each and every one of us practices law, regardless of practice location and clientele.  In this special series of informal webinars, experts, consultants and advisors will discuss law practice management issues to help weather these uncertain times.

AIPLA is pleased to provide these free webinars exclusively for AIPLA members to provide you with tips, tricks and general advice guiding you through the current situation and for many years to come.


Why should you register?

Every practitioner, regardless of your specific practice, needs time management skills.  There are undoubtedly many books on the subject.  But this webinar will go one step further by providing practical advice from those in the trenches.  We will hear from a new lawyer, a boutique firm lawyer, a large firm lawyer and in-house counsel as they share their challenges and solutions to time management.


Richard Matthews
Williams Mullen

Valerie Calloway
Alltech, Inc.

Richard Goldstein
Goldstein Patent Law

Donika Pentcheva
Westman Champlin & Koehler, PA