Wind Energy Projects in a Stimulated Economy Speaking Engagement 05.20.2009 12:00am

On Earth Day 2009, President Obama visited a wind turbine tower manufacturing plant and declared that, by 2030, wind energy will support 20,000 jobs and generate 20 percent of country’s electricity. The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (the "ARRA" or "Stimulus Bill") includes many incentives intended to enable the U.S. wind energy industry to meet this ambitious goal. In addition to extending the sunset date for the production tax credit (PTC), the ARRA established a mechanism by which the PTC can be converted into an investment tax credit (ITC) or a cash grant from the Treasury Department. The ARRA also expanded the Department of Energy's loan guarantee and grant programs in ways that may benefit the wind industry.

In addition, off-shore wind and development on federal lands is being stimulated by new joint FERC and DOI polices. EPA continues the march to recognize the internalization of carbon in future energy and electricity cost planning, and FERC heralds the role of transmission, accelerated interconnections and Smart Grid support.

Several industry developers and leaders examined the new landscape for wind and how the industry is responding. The topics covered include: