WMACCA Government Contractors Forum: Getting Along with the Government In Spare Times (And All Other Times) Speaking Engagement 07.16.2013 12:00pm — 07.16.2013 2:00pm

In these challenging budgetary times, contractors face puzzling situations that involve difficult legal and business strategy decisions.  Our panel will examine how contractors can maximize relationships with their government customers throughout the life cycle of a government contract.  From furnishing pre-solicitation information to the government, to engaging during the solicitation process, to addressing performance issues, to resolving claims, to handling investigations and accusations of malfeasance, we will examine the interplay between the law and business practice from corporate and government perspectives.  In doing so, we will explore the options in performing the often delicate dance between what a contractor must, can, or should do and the converse.

Presented by Anthony Anikeeff of Williams Mullen; Matthew Bode, Vice President & Managing Assistant General Counsel CA, Inc.; and Robert Namejko, Department of Homeland Security Industry Liaison.

CLE Credits: 1.5 hours pending
State: Virginia
Category: General
For more information, please contact robin.hayutin@wmacca.com.

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