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06.25.2009 2009 Virginia Super Lawyers and Rising Stars Announced Forty-Six Williams Mullen Attorneys Named “Virginia Super Lawyers” and Thirty named “Virginia Rising Stars” for 2009

RICHMOND, VA - Williams Mullen announces today that 46 attorneys have been named “Virginia Super Lawyers,” and 30 have been named “Virginia Rising Stars.” Williams Mullen attorneys have been recognized as Virginia Super Lawyers and Rising Stars by publisher Law & Politics since 2006.

Super Lawyers
David L. Dallas, Jr.     Business/Corporate
Bryan D. Wright     Intellectual Property

Rising Stars
Valerie W. Long     Land Use/Zoning

Rising Stars
Thomas J. McKee, Jr.     Business Litigation

Newport News
Super Lawyers
Joseph H. Latchum, Jr.     Real Estate
William L. Stauffer, Jr.     Business Litigation

Super Lawyers
Patrick C. Devine, Jr.     Health Care
William F. Devine     Business Litigation
David H. Embree     Real Estate
Howard E. Gordon     Real Estate
William A. Old, Jr.     Securities & Corporate Finance

Rising Stars
Adam Casagrande     Business Litigation
Benjamin C. Crumpler  Business/Corporate
Andrew J. Huige   Business Litigation
Kendra Jarrell     Business Litigation
Lamont Maddox   Business/Corporate
Shane L. Smith   Business Litigation

Super Lawyers
David D. Addison     Estate Planning & Probate
Farhad Aghdami     Tax
Ralph L. “Bill” Axselle, Jr.     Land Use/Zoning
R. Brian Ball     Business/Corporate
Stephen E. Baril     Business Litigation
William D. Bayliss**     General Litigation
Andrew M. Condlin     Land Use/Zoning
Robert E. Eicher     General Litigation
Calvin W. Fowler, Jr. General Litigation
Sean M. Gibbons   Employment & Labor
Philip H. Goodpasture         Business/Corporate
A. Brooks Hock     Real Estate
Lynn F. Jacob     Employment & Labor
Catherine M. Marriott*     Employee Benefits/ERISA
Channing J. Martin     Environmental
William R. Mauck, Jr.     Construction Litigation
James V. Meath**     Employment Litigation: Defense
John M. Mercer   Real Estate  
Douglas M. Nabhan     Employment & Labor
Eliot Norman     Immigration
Craig L. Rascoe     Tax
Malcolm E. Ritsch, Jr.     Health Care
Julious P. Smith, Jr.     Business/Corporate
Robert E. Spicer, Jr. Securities & Corporate Finance
King F. Tower     Employment & Labor
Sandy T. Tucker     Franchise/Dealership
John L. Walker, III     Business Litigation
Fielding L. Williams, Jr.     Estate Planning & Probate

Rising Stars:
Gregory R. Bishop     Mergers & Acquisitions
Gray B. Broughton   General Litigation
Turner A. Broughton     General Litigation
W. Alexander Burnett  General Litigation
Matthew E. Cheek     Banking
Allison T. Domson     Real Estate
Jonathan A. Frank     Real Estate
Heath H. Galloway     Employment & Labor
J. Conrad Garcia     Tax
Sean M. Gibbons     Employment & Labor
Charles E. James, Jr. Civil Litigation: Defense
Harold E. Johnson     General Litigation
Charles W. Kemp   Securities and Corporate Finance
Monica McCarroll     Business Litigation
W. Benjamin Pace     Business Litigation
Laurence V. Parker, Jr.   Business/Corporate

Virginia Beach
Super Lawyers:
David C. Burton     Employment & Labor
Donald H. Clark     Business Litigation
Joseph A. Di Julio     Estate Planning & Probate
Thomas R. Frantz**     Business/Corporate
Robert C. Miller     Estate Planning & Probate
Craig L. Mytelka    Intellectual Property
C. Grigsby Scifres     Banking
Lawrence R. Siegel     Business/Corporate
Stephen G. Test    Business Litigation

Rising Stars:
Robert H. Burger    Business Litigation
Kelly J. Hollowell   Intellectual Property
William R. Poynter    Intellectual Property Litigation
Sara B. Rafal    Employment & Labor
Ingrid A. Watson   Employee Benefits/ERISA
M. Nicole Williams    Business/Corporate

(*) Top 25 Women Lawyers in Virginia
(**) Top 50 Lawyers in Virginia
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