06.01.2007 Antitrust Compliance Programs: More Important Now Than Ever Before
As a recent DOJ Antitrust Division report confirms, severe penalties await those who violate the antitrust laws. In 2006 alone, the Antitrust Division collected $473 million in criminal fines, the second highest amount in its history. In addition, during the last 18 months, 40 corporate executives have been incarcerated for violating the antitrust laws (19 individuals incarcerated in 2006; 21 incarcerated in the first half of 2007). This is an unprecedented level of criminal enforcement, and awards in civil damage actions also continue to increase at a meteoric pace. Given these statistics, an Antitrust Division pronouncement that “every corporation needs an effective corporate compliance program,” is clearly even more appropriate and correct today than it was when made almost five years ago.

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