01.01.2011 Guide to Establishing a Business in the United States
This Guide provides an introduction to the major business and legal issues European companies should consider when seeking to establish business operations in the United States. It is intended as a starting point for planning, but is not intended as a definitive analysis of the issues discussed. The particular issues that will be of most concern to each foreign company entering the US market will be determined by the nature of its business and other facts and circumstances affecting that company. It is impossible to predict all issues that will affect each company or to determine those that will be material enough to warrant the engagement of professional assistance. This Guide attempts, however,to highlight a number of areas that are common to foreign companies commencing business in the United States and, hopefully, will encourage companies to reflect on their unique situation.

If you have questions about the topics discussed, we would be pleasedto provide additional information and you are invited to contact the attorneys at Williams Mullen. We welcome you to our country and wish you prosperity and success in your business here.