04.01.2009 International Business Planning Advisor - Planning Tools for Senior Executives
04. 2009
  The International Business Planning Advisor is a set of business planning tools for companies establishing operations in foreign markets. It is designed as a resource for senior management in identifying issues and collecting information for the development of a company’s international business strategy. It creates an organized process for evaluating and making decisions for global business expansion.

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The first two planning tools are designed for an initial, high level analysis of global expansion issues. These are intended to be used by the senior management team as the first step in planning expansion into foreign markets, addressing questions such as the scope of the proposed international development, optimum business model, country selection, sequence and timing, localization and other critical issues. Once management has completed this review, the information collected can serve as the basis for the company’s International Business Plan.

International Business Development - Strategic Planning Issues
  • A PowerPoint presentation for use by senior management at the outset of planning a company’s global business expansion.

International Planning Checklist
  • A checklist to accompany the above PowerPoint to collect information for the development of the company’s International Business Plan.

The third planning tool - the Business Model Matrix - is a listing of business models commonly used by companies in international operations.

Business Model Matrix
  • A listing of business models commonly used by companies in international operations, including advantages and disadvantages of each, to be used for determining the best business model for the company’s overseas operations.

The fourth planning tool - the Country Localization Checklist - is designed to assist a company in planning its operations in a specific foreign country. 

Country Localization Checklist
  • A checklist of issues to be addressed in the localization process in each foreign country in which the company will be operating. Establishing a business in a foreign market usually requires a company to make changes to its product and other aspects of its business model to adapt to the culture, business practices and legal requirements of that country. This planning tool is designed to create a process for identifying these areas of adjustment and organizing the company’s localization efforts. The company will complete this checklist for each foreign country in which it sells products, hires employees or otherwise conducts business.

The final planning tool - An Overview of the U.S. Export Control Laws - addresses the important issues of legal compliance in international operations.

Overview of U.S. Export Control Laws
  • A summary of U.S. export laws that apply to U.S. companies operating abroad.

Williams Mullen attorneys are available to assist clients in all aspects of their cross-border business activities, including international business planning, foreign market assessment, formation and structuring of foreign entities, tax planning, addressing the cultural, economic and legal requirements of foreign markets, preparation of international agreements, immigration and U.S. and foreign legal compliance.