01.01.2010 January 2010 Immigration Update: ICE Audits 1,000 employers in November; H-1B Quota or Cap; E-Verify News; REAL ID Material Compliance; Visa Application Changes at the U.S. Embassies; ICE News
01. 2010
DHS and ICE on Worksite Enforcement. On Dec. 11, 2009, Secretary Napolitano presented an overview of the latest worksite enforcement measures and E-Verify updates to Congress. Secretary Napolitano emphasized that worksite enforcement measures target the “most egregious” violators — those who abuse and exploit their workers, aid in the smuggling and trafficking of aliens, and create false identity documents. She commented that ICE is also auditing the books of thousands of employers suspected of relying on illegal labor to achieve an unfair advantage in the marketplace. Indeed, in a single day this past July, ICE audited more employers suspected of hiring illegal labor than had been audited in all of last year, reviewing more than 85,000 Form I-9s and identifying more than 14,000 suspect documents. In November 2009, ICE announced an additional 1,000 workplace audits. So far, ICE has refused to disclose the nature of the companies being audited. As previously reported, USCIS is auditing about 25,000 employers annually for compliance with H-1B requirements.

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