10.05.2010 Licensing Requirements in Virginia and North Carolina: A Prerequisite to Payment
Construction is complete. You’ve done a splendid job — in your own humble opinion. More importantly, the owner is very pleased with your work. You shake hands, instruct your crew to round up the remaining supplies, and head back to the office. You direct accounting to send the final bill.

Weeks pass without payment. You’ve tried to contact the owner to no avail. Your initial excitement over the project turns to frustration as you add the file to your collections mound.

Eventually, you have your day in court. Surprisingly, the owner shows up — with a lawyer. And he has a defense. Your mind is racing. What argument could he possibly have that would preclude payment? He never complained about your work. He even called it “flawless.”

You needn’t wait long to find out. After a few moments of heated argument, the judge dismisses your claim for payment. Your contractor’s license had expired.
The scenario just described is not far-fetched. Indeed, it is a very real consequence of conducting construction work in both Virginia and North Carolina without a contractor’s license.

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