03.22.2010 March 2010 Immigration Update: H-1B Petition Filings; Changes in Visa Fees; TARP Funds Guidelines; E-Verify and ICE Audit News

The Department of State (DOS) Proposes Sliding Scale Visa Fee Increases Depending on Visa Type. DOS recently published a rule in the Federal Register proposing fee increases for the MRV (Machine-Readable Visa) fee that all visa applicants pay. The fee is currently $131. The proposed rule creates a tiered fee structure based on visa type. Non-petition based visas, such as a B-1/B-2 visa, are at the low end of the tier structure with a fee increase to $140. Petition based-visas, such as Hs, Ls, Os, and Rs, would see an increase to $150. The greatest increases are seen in the areas of K visas for fiancé(e)s, up to $350, and E visas for treaty-traders and treaty-investors, up to $390.

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