12.02.2010 Seventy-two Williams Mullen Attorneys Named to 2010 "Legal Elite" Williams Mullen is pleased to announce that the following attorneys have been named to Virginia Business magazine's list of the top lawyers in Virginia, also known as "The Legal Elite." Virginia Business magazine asked lawyers throughout the Commonwealth to nominate the best in their profession in 15 practice categories. Seventy-two Williams Mullen attorneys were selected -- the most selected from any other law firm in Virginia. Special recognition was given to Craig Mytelka, who was named the state category winner for Intellectual Property. Ten of our lawyers were recognized as Young Lawyer Under 40 and considered rising legal stars.

David Addison, Taxes/Estates/Trusts/Elder Law
Farhad Aghdami, Taxes/Estates/Trusts/Elder Law
Ralph “Bill” Axselle, Jr., Legislative/Regulatory/Administrative
Brian Ball, Business Law
Steve Baril, Civil Litigation
William Bayliss, Civil Litigation
Wyatt Beazley, IV, Health Law
Tom Bergert, Intellectual Property
Beth Berman, Labor/Employment
Greg Bishop, Business Law
Paul Bliley, Jr., Bankruptcy
George Bowles, Civil Litigation
Judy Lin Bristow, Business Law
Gray Broughton, Criminal Law
Turner Broughton, Young Lawyer (under 40)
Lynn Brugh, IV, Civil Litigation
David Burton, Labor/Employment
Eve Campbell, Young Lawyer (under 40)
Adam Casagrande, Young Lawyer (under 40)
Matthew Cheek, Young Lawyer (under 40)
Christian Chiles, Real Estate/Land Use
Andrew Condlin, Real Estate/Land Use
David Dallas, Jr., Business Law
Steven Delaney, Real Estate/Land Use
William Devine, Civil Litigation
Patrick Devine, Jr., Health Law
Martin Donlan, Jr., Health Law
David Embree, Real Estate/Land Use
Woody Fowler, Jr., Civil Litigation
Jonathan Frank, Real Estate/Land Use
Tom Frantz, Business Law
Heath Galloway, Young Lawyer (under 40)
Conrad Garcia, Taxes/Estates/Trusts/Elder Law
Sean Gibbons, Labor/Employment
Philip Goodpasture, Intellectual Property
Howard Gordon, Real Estate/Land Use
Patrick Hanes, Criminal Law
Bruce Harper, Intellectual Property
William Harrison, Jr., Real Estate/Land Use
Lynn Jacob, Labor/Employment
Harold Johnson, Young Lawyer (under 40)
Reginald Jones, Legislative/Regulatory/Administrative
Monroe Kelly, III, Bankruptcy
Derek Kung, Young Lawyer (under 40)
Valerie Wagner Long, Real Estate/Land Use
Thomas Mason, Alternative Dispute Resolution
William Mauck, Jr., Construction
Joseph Mayes, Bankruptcy
Monica McCarroll, Young Lawyer (under 40)
James Meath, Labor/Employment
John Mercer, Real Estate/Land Use
Craig Mytelka, Intellectual Property
Doug Nabhan, Labor/Employment
Andy Nea, Jr., Legal Services/Pro Bono
William Old, Jr., Business Law
Benjamin Pace, Young Lawyer (under 40)
Robert Perrow, Bankruptcy
William Poynter, Intellectual Property
Francis Purcell, Jr., Legislative/Regulatory/Administrative
Sara Rafal, Young Lawyer (under 40)
Robert Redmond, Jr., Civil Litigation
Malcolm Ritsch, Jr., Health Law
Robert Samuel, Jr., Criminal Law
W. H. Schwarzschild, III, Bankruptcy
Grig Scifres, Bankruptcy
Lawrence Siegel, Health Law
Julious P. Smith, Business Law
Robert Spicer, Jr., Business Law
Stephen Test, Construction
John Walker, III, Civil Litigation
Charles Wall, Business Law
Fielding Williams, Jr., Taxes/Estates/Trusts/Elder Law