04.17.2012 U.S. Trade Preference Programs & Trade Agreements


The attached listing reflects the status of special U.S. trade programs or free trade agreements ("FTA") between the U.S. and identified countries currently in effect or pending effect on the date the list was prepared. It can be used to identify potential source countries where reduced duty or duty-free benefits are available for goods imported into the United States. Once the source country is identified and confirmed as the actual country of origin of the specific product for customs purposes, the listing can be consulted to determine whether programs or FTAs affecting products from the source country are available. If available, further inquiry to determine eligibility of the particular product or the special program or FTA identified is required.

Click here to view the full listing (as of 11/12/2012).


If you or your company require assistance in verifying availability for such benefits, determining eligibility and complying with documentary requirements associated with a specific program or FTA, please contact your responsible Williams Mullen attorney or David Sanders in Williams Mullen's DC Office directly via e-mail at or by phone, 202-293-8113.

Disclaimer: This chart was prepared for information purposes only and does not constitute legal advice. The information it contains is subject to change based on political and regulatory developments both in and outside the United States. Persons seeking legal advice concerning this information are encouraged to contact competent legal counsel.