01.01.2010 Will Health Care Reform End the Insurance Industry’s Antitrust Exemption?
01. 2010
While most of the attention over the last several months regarding the health care reform debate has centered on the public option, changes to Medicare and Medicaid, and federal funding for abortion, the possibility that the insurance industry’s antitrust exemption might be repealed — at least for health and medical malpractice insurers — has clearly taken a back seat. However, when Congress returns from their recess in January, McCarran will unquestionably face the strongest challenge to its continued existence ever, and significant change in the manner in which the federal antitrust laws are applied to the insurance industry is a significant possibility.

Also in this edition:
  • West Virginia Supreme Court Overturns $4.2 Million Antitrust Judgment Against Insurer
  • Remaining “Contingent Commission” Criminal Antitrust Cases Are Dismissed
  • House Approves the Creation of a Federal Insurance Office
  • Spanish Competition Commission Fines Insurers for Price Fixing

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