03.01.2022 Williams Mullen Celebrates Women's History Month and International Women’s Day 2022

At Williams Mullen, our female attorneys are not only valued and esteemed members of the firm, but also leaders in their respective fields who have been recognized on both the state and national level. We are humbled to have these women as part of our team and salute the amazing triumphs they accomplish both professionally and as active members of their communities.

In honor of Women’s History Month, as well as International Women’s Day, we are excited to share a new video series featuring just a few of the strong female attorneys Williams Mullen is proud to have at our firm. 

To kick off the series, Cart Reilly speaks with Emily Harrison about the importance of finding mentors as well as balancing a busy law practice with family and community involvement.

“I think it's so encouraging that here at Williams Mullen I'm surrounded by so many women, especially in the financial services and real estate practice group.” – Cart Reilly, Partner

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In the second video of this series, Camila Conte speaks with Mona O’Bryant about finding her path and the importance of building strong client relationships.

“As women, we often find ourselves feeling expected to, or trying to do it like the men do it, and in doing so we can lose sight of the unique skills and gifts that we bring to the table. It is important for us to identify those skills and gifts, and use them in ways that make us stand out to existing and potential clients.” - Mona O’Bryant, Partner

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In the third video of this series, Carmelle Alipio speaks with Carrie Stanton about managing her time to both take care of clients and recharge and reconnect with friends and family.

“We work in a firm with a lot of smart people…none of us is the only one that can do any particular project, and so supporting each other in that way, so that we can all have that time to recharge, is really important.” - Carrie Stanton, Partner

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In the fourth video of this series, Maeva Williamson speaks with Billie Jo Brooks about stepping out of your comfort zone and finding the keys to success.

“Success goes back to working hard, being committed to find solutions, willing to take on new challenges, and valuing the people you work with each day.” - Billie Jo Brooks, Chief Administrative Officer

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We wrap up this series with Lauren Pennington speaking with Janet Cho about pivoting her career from counselor to lawyer as well as the importance of serving as a valuable resource to her fellow attorneys.

“One of the things I'm really passionate about is helping other attorneys, especially younger attorneys, adjust to life at the firm and feel comfortable with the demands of the firm” - Janet Cho, Intellectual Property Partner

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