09.26.2008 Williams Mullen Forms Financial Crisis Task Force

Williams Mullen Forms Task Force to Advise on the Current Financial Crisis Affecting Our Clients

Richmond, Virginia –As Congress and the Bush Administration try to find solutions to the financial crisis facing the U.S. and global economies, the Williams Mullen Financial Crisis Task Force has been formed to study the legislation as it evolves, and to assist and advise our clients, keeping them informed on a timely basis utilizing our various industry and client teams and our government group.

The Williams Mullen Financial Crisis Task Force has brought together a strong team of experienced attorneys in offices throughout our footprint, in the financial, banking, securities, real estate, corporate governance, tax, bankruptcy, litigation, public policy and government relations arenas. We have highly trained staff in crisis management ready to act quickly and decisively. Our Task Force Members have assigned experienced lawyers to monitor the current financial crisis continuously.

The Williams Mullen Financial Crisis Task Force is headed by Michael Buseck, Vice Chair of the Finance, Banking and Real Estate Section of the firm. Mike is being assisted by section heads throughout the law firm that bring specific skills and experience to the task force that will address client concerns, and includes several attorneys with significant experience in the disposition, purchase and securitization of assets, and in litigation and regulatory matters during the RTC era.

“The business markets as we know them are rapidly changing, locally, nationally and globally. Our clients must know how to take action, when to take action and how to protect their interests. That is where our Task Force comes in,” said Buseck. “The effects of this crisis won’t end with a government bailout. We have brought together experienced attorneys in all areas of the law to assist and advise our clients in a timely manner. Our clients want information and advice they can rely on that will keep their businesses strong through these uncertain times."

“Williams Mullen is constantly poised to assist our clients in uncertain times. The Williams Mullen Financial Crisis Task Force provides the right mix of experience to address the swiftly occurring changes that are taking place and will continue to take place over the next several months,” said Joey Smith, Chairman and CEO of Williams Mullen.

“We know our clients and their industries very well. We are anticipating the affect the government bailout and the rollout of conditions that will come with that bailout can have on our clients’ businesses and industries. Our attorneys will be on top of this crisis and armed with information that will allow them to be effective day and night on behalf of our clients.”

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