Williams Mullen GovCon Perspectives is a podcast dedicated to providing government contractors with key information on topics that impact the industry. Every episode is less than 15 minutes in length and provides listeners with information they need to know without taking up a significant portion of their day.

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Episode 38: Why Was My SWaM Certification Denied, and What Can I Do?

Episode 37: Recent Updates to the SWaM Certification Process in Virginia

Episode 36: Are You Interested in Investing in a Company With a Federal Firearms License (FFL)?

Episode 35: Challenging Negative CPARS Reports – Protecting Contractor Reputation Through CPARS Challenges

Episode 34: Should We Seek to Participate in an Other Transaction Agreement (OTA)?

Episode 33: How Do I Conduct Due Diligence of a Company’s Data Assets?

Episode 32: ITAR – Requirements for Government Contractors

Episode 31: Will You Be Ready to Sell Your Government Contracting Business?

Episode 30: Recruiting and Retention - Can Your 401K Make a Difference?

Episode 29: Money Can’t Buy You Love, But It Can Buy You Experience and Past Performance

Episode 28: Virginia SWaM Recertification Pitfalls

Episode 27: An Overview of SWaM Certification in Virginia

Episode 26: Should We Call the Debarment Official or Wait?

Episode 25: 10 Factors That May Hinder a Contractor’s Ability to Repay Its Bank Loans and Threaten Its Existence

Episode 24: Effective Use of “Open and Frank” Discussions in Bid Protests

Episode 23: Computer Software and the Federal Government: Ish Kabibble?

Episode 22: What Do Government Contractors Need to Know About the Affordable Care Act in 2018?

Episode 21: Part 1: Key Considerations in Mergers and Acquisitions of Government Contractors

Episode 20: Stop Losing Your Bid Protests, Part II

Episode 19: Trends in Government Contracts Financing

Episode 18: What Government Contractors Need to Know About State and Local Taxes

Episode 17: Navigating the Mandatory Disclosure Rules

Episode 16: Stop Losing Your Bid Protests, Part 1

Episode 15: Making Effective Use of the Claims/Disputes Process

Episode 14: What To Do When The OFCCP Comes Knocking

Episode 13: Control of a Set-aside Entity

Episode 12: M&As – Novation and Recertification

Episode 11: Facility Security Clearances for U.S. Subsidiaries of Foreign-Owned Companies

Episode 10: The Benefits of Commercial Item Contracting

Episode 9: CPARS From A to Z

Episode 8: Nonpayment of Subcontractors: Can Subcontractors Get Any Help From the Government?

Episode 7: Negotiating Subcontracts From Both Sides

Episode 6: Teaming Arrangements: Pros and Cons of Teaming Agreements vs. Joint Ventures

Episode 5: Going to the Court of Federal Claims or the Boards of Contract Appeal

Episode 4: Suspension and Debarment

Episode 3: Award Protests: Choosing the Forum

Episode 2: Federal Cybersecurity Requirements

Episode 1: How to Assess the Likelihood of Success in Deciding Whether to Bring a Bid Protest

Note: This podcast contains general, condensed summaries of actual legal matters, statutes and opinions for information purposes. It is not meant to be and should not be construed as legal advice. Individuals with particular needs on specific issues should retain the services of competent counsel.