Williams Mullen's Trending Now - An IP Podcast is a legal podcast focused on providing innovative companies and investors with important and timely information concerning intangible assets such as patents, trademarks, copyrights, and trade secrets. Each episode is less than 15 minutes in length, and efficiently briefs listeners on a specific intellectual property topic.  

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Episode 33: Paralegal Insights: A Collaborative Trademark Practice, Series 2 12.1.2022

Episode 32: NCAA NIL – Where Things Stand One Year Later 10.6.2022

Episode 31: Paralegal Insights: A Collaborative Trademark Practice 9.22.2022

Episode 30: Branding Management Strategy: Dealing With Trademark Congestion and Depletion 7.28.2022

Episode 29: Understanding and Economizing NFTs and Creative Content 7.14.2022

Episode 28: Copyrights - Small Claims Process at the Copyright Office 6.9.2022

Episode 27: Brand Awareness - What You Need to Know When Advertising with MADE IN THE USA 5.24.22

Episode 26: Utilizing Social Media to Generate IP Value 5.5.22

Episode 25: Five Popular Misconceptions about Patents 11.18.21

Episode 24: DMCA Takedowns – Benefits to Internet Service Providers 8.26.2021

Episode 23: DMCA Takedowns – Benefits to Content Owner 8.12.2021

Episode 22: Are there are any Trademarks Available? What Should You Do? 7.29.2021

Episode 21: False and Misleading Advertising, Label Review 7.12.2021

Episode 20: Advertising: ADA Compliance Related to Websites and Mobile Applications 6.24.2021

Episode 19: Sweepstakes and Contests 6.9.2021

Episode 18: Advertising & Customer Engagement in the Digital Age - Customer Reviews and Response 5.20.2021

Episode 17: Advertising and Customer Engagement in the Digital Age - California Privacy update 5.6.2021

Episode 16: Maintaining, Expanding and Monetizing Your Portfolio 4.22.2021
Episode 15: IP Litigation Trends: Are Large IP Litigation Damages Awards Here to Stay? – Part 2 4.6.2021
Episode 14: IP Litigation Trends: Are Large IP Litigation Damages Awards Here to Stay? – Part 1 3.25.2021

Episode 13: Your Brand is Your Business: Protecting and Managing Your Brand Online 3.11.2021

Episode 12: Telecommunication Consumer Protection Act (TCPA): Update and Practical Guidance 2.18.2021

Episode 11: Cause Marketing: Do’s and Don’ts 2.4.2021

Episode 10: How to Preserve Your Intellectual Property Rights with Marking—Part 2: Patents 12.16.2020

Episode 9: How to Preserve Your Intellectual Property Rights with Marking—Part 1: Trademarks and Copyrights 12.1.2020

Episode 8: BREXIT: Its Effect on UK Copyrights and What You Need to Know in the Transition 10.2.2020

Episode 7: BREXIT: Its Effect on European Union Trademark Portfolios and What You Need to Know in the Transition 9.22.2020

Episode 6: Enforcing and Expanding Your Brand During the COVID-19 Pandemic 7.27.2020

Episode 5: Intellectual Contracts 6.16.2020

Episode 4: Intellectual Projects: Dusting off the Idea Files while Working from Home 5.28.2020


Episode 3: Patent Searching 4.24.2020

Episode 2: Patent Office Secrecy Orders 4.10.2020

Episode 1: The Timing of Patents 3.10.2020