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Professional Staff

Administrative Staff, Legal Administrative Assistants & Paralegals

Building a great law firm requires more than just excellent lawyers. At Williams Mullen, an exceptional professional staff is essential to our success. 

You will be valued for your subject matter experience and contributions to our team. You will be included in office, firmwide and philanthropic events that will connect you with colleagues and our community. You will understand how you are performing and what comes next in your career. As we continue to grow, we are always looking for experienced team members who share our philosophy of Finding Yes® for our clients and each other.


Paralegals play a very important role in our client-attorney relationships at Williams Mullen. You will be part of a team, whether collaborating with attorneys to support clients or working alongside other paralegals within your section. You will have opportunities to share your ideas and participate in challenging work. Being part of a practice team will allow you to develop subject matter proficiency. We know that professional development and training is important to you, and you will have plenty of opportunity to learn, from in-house training and third-party workshops, to firm sponsored participation in professional associations.


Legal Administrative Assistants

Experienced Legal Administrative Assistants (LAAs) know the benefits of working for a well-managed law firm, with a strong reputation, where work is both meaningful and plentiful, but there is a culture of reasonability and balance. Williams Mullen LAAs focus on Finding Yes® for our attorneys, our teammates and our clients. You will have opportunities to collaborate on community and firm focused activities that make being part of the Williams Mullen team a meaningful experience.

Administrative Staff

If you’re a professional with a successful track record, if you enjoy a good challenge, if you thrive on collaboration and teamwork, Williams Mullen may be the right place for you. We are always looking for team players, people who can truly make a difference. Our attorneys and clients depend on our staff not just to keep things running smoothly but to lead progress. You will be valued for your contributions to our firm and will have a clear understanding of the path forward for your career.

Williams Mullen employs non-lawyer professional staff in a wide variety of areas including: Accounting, Client Account Services, Facilities, Finance, Human Resources, Information Technology, Marketing & Business Development, Research & Information Services & Talent Management.

Carter Whitelow Photo“I started at Williams Mullen as a temp in the payroll department. After years of hard work and growth in that role, I realized my true passion and was able to interview from within for the Government Relations position.” 
— Carter Whitelow, Government Relations Advisor (non-attorney)

Quida Johnson Photo“I work with some really friendly, smart and cooperative people who have the 'let’s get the job done' ideal as their motivation. They are my work family! Teamwork is paramount and it enables us all to participate and succeed.” 
— Ouida Johnson, Legal Administrative Assistant