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Avoiding Wage and Hour Violations

Wednesday, Oct 16, 2019
11:00 AM EDT

On Oct. 16, 2019, Edward Schenk will present on avoiding wage and hour violations at the National Business Institute's Employment Law: 2019 Comprehensive Guide CLE in Greensboro. Edward's presentation will cover:

  1. Wage and Hour Updates: Understanding Critical Essentials
  2. State Wage and Hour Statutes
  3. The Fair Labor Standards Act
  4. Properly Identifying Exempt vs. Non-Exempt Employees
  5. Calculating Overtime, Unpaid Overtime and Pre-Work Time
  6. Reducing "Off-the-Clock" Exposures
  7. Independent Contractor Classifications
  8. Department of Labor (DOL) Enforcement Initiatives
  9. Case Law Update

For more information, including registration, click here.