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02.08.2010 Blog

Humanscale v. CompX International Headed to a Jury


On February 13, 2009, Humanscale sued CompX International and CompX Waterloo in the EDVA for infringement of US Patent No. 5,292,097.   Humanscale designs and manufactures keyboard support products, such as the keyboard tray in the '097 patent.  In response, Defendants filed the usual counterclaims for invalidity, noninfringement, and unenforceability, and also asserted infringement by Humanscale of US Patent Nos. 5,037,054 and 5,257,767. Early in the case, the Court stayed the claims on the '097 patent, based on a concurrent ITC investigation, and let the claims on the '054 and '767 patents go forward.  Almost exactly a year later, it looks like parties are headed to trial by jury before Judge Spencer in Richmond.  On February 5, 2010, the Court heard oral argument on Humanscale's motion for summary judgment of invalidity and laches (the only summary judgment motion that appears to have been filed), and denied it from the bench.  According to the current scheduling order, the parties are scheduled to begin trial on February 16.   

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