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08.15.2009 Blog

TeleCommunications v. Sybase 365, Rounds II and III

TeleCommunications Systems (TCS) has sued Sybase 365 (formerly Mobile 365) twice more for patent infringement in the Eastern District of Virginia.  In a prior case before Judge Spencer, TCS won a jury verdict on March 21, 2009 against Sybase for infringement of a single patent (6,985,748), and a damages award of $12 million.  On July 30, TCS filed a second lawsuit.pdf against Sybase in the Richmond Division, for infringement of a related patent which had just recently issued.  The case has been assigned to Judge Spencer as well. 


On the same day, TCS filed this Complaint.pdf against Sybase in the Alexandria Division, asserting infringement of two separate patents "permitting the two-way communication of short messages between either a short message service center or a wireless handset, and an HTTP device or an Universal Resource Locator."  Although filed in Alexandria, this case has been assigned to Judge Doumar in Norfolk pursuant to the EDVA's patent rotation procedure.


Because of the identity of the parties and similarities in the technology, look for the consolidation of these cases at some point.