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08.05.2009 Blog

Trademark Cases on Pace to Double in 2009


There have been 48 trademark cases filed in the Eastern District of Virginia in 2009.  If this pace continues, the total number may approach twice the number filed in 2008, which totaled 51 for the entire year.  Of the 2009 cases:

  • Of those 48, at least 14 are Anticybersquatting cases under the ACPA.
  • The vast majority, 38, have been filed in the Alexandria Division, with the assignments as follows:  Trenga (9); Hilton (7); O'Grady (6); Lee (5); Cacheris (4); Ellis (4); and Brinkema (3).
  • In the Richmond Division, Judge Payne has been assigned 3 cases, Judge Spencer 1, Judge Hudson 1, and Judge Williams 1.
  • In the Norfolk Division, Judge Jackson has been assigned 3 cases, and Judge Friedman 1. 

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